Cross screen campaigns gaining ground among marketers!

90% of advertisers plan to launch a cross screen advertising campaign this year. Well, with consumers spending so much time on their mobiles, tablets, laptops and PCs this was bound to happen isn’t it?

Even though conventional media continues to drive mass awareness, digital is playing an absolute key role in driving consideration, conversion and even advocacy. Internet is full of articles on Google Searches, Rich User Interface, Online reviews, ORM, Mobile apps and Social media driving positive brand disposition and enabling the new age consumer to traverse the path of buying process.

Searching through multiple devicesPeople on-the-go may start reading an article on their mobile and finish it on their laptop once they are in office. More often than not, TV plays a crucial role in establishing the story quickly, followed by the behavior of search, share and discussion online across mobile, tablet and PC. By studying how & when people are spending time on what screens, marketers can create immersive and seamless multi-screen communications that put customer engagement at the forefront.

The most appealing benefit of cross screen advertising is its ability to act as a platform for both raising awareness and driving user activation. The possibility to match ad messaging to the environment in which the ad appears is also quite appealing.

In a 2013 report published by Business Insider, unaided brand recall was 43% for audiences who had been exposed to the cross-screen campaigns, and only 6% for the TV-only campaign. Purchase intent was 18% for the TV-only crowd, and 31% for the cross-screen campaign’s audience.

However one of the most significant hurdles to a cross screen campaigns as cited by marketers is audience targeting, creative production & technology know how. Implementing responsive design into the campaign will help eliminate these hurdles, allowing for one ad to function across multiple screens providing a rich user experience as well as unified tracking across multiple screens. Responsive designs can dynamically optimize and rearrange themselves to fit in to any screen sizes and utilize the native capabilities of the native device (e.g. tap on phone icon to call).

In the recent edition of Nielsen report titled ‘Unleashing Power of Cross Platform Advertising’ observes that, marketers can generate an average of 8% greater reach, or achieve significantly higher frequency, without spending more money or altering their mix of spend.

This means at lesser or similar spends you will be able to garner higher impressions to a larger audience. And that’s every marketers dream!