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Differentiating Between UX & UI
25 Apr 2019
Let's start by defining UX & UI How often have you come across this one, "What is the difference between UX & UI?" Infact it's often one the first questions that an uninitiated client might ask. But what is not so cool is when two terms ...
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Using digital analytics for marketing decisions.
04 Sep 2014
Two questions marketers are asking today, ‘How do I measure success of my digital campaigns & how can this data help me take decisions?’ Having spent years tracking ROI data on mass campaigns and CRM initiatives, how to measure effectiveness ...
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Cross screen campaigns gaining ground among marketers!
11 Jun 2014
90% of advertisers plan to launch a cross screen advertising campaign this year. Well, with consumers spending so much time on their mobiles, tablets, laptops and PCs this was bound to happen isn't it? Even though conventional media continues to d...
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A dire need for Mobile Marketing
05 May 2014
On roads, in elevators, buses, taxis & trains, at waiting lounges and at times even during meetings, if you find people constantly glued their smartphones then you are not the only one. With so much of time spent on the medium, as a business mana...
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Good content or good a conversation!
04 Mar 2014
Today our consumers are exposed to millions of web pages, blogs, posts, comments & tweets with more content than can be read in a lifetime. With so much information to take in, most of them just skim through to find pages that are most engaging &...
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Designing a website or mobile app - largely an act of faith?
03 Mar 2014
Even though as creative jug-heads we may have certain conviction on how users will receive our design work backed by most extensive research it can still leave big gaps in our knowledge. As digital students we should try fill in those gaps with st...
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'Do it yourself' ways of improving your Google rankings.
10 Jan 2014
Your website today is not just provider of your company information but also a key driver of business. Somewhere I read, “If your website is not able to drive business you might as well not have a website and put that money is a fixed income instru...
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